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"Operating the Oasis since 1989, the Rhynes see themselves as local hosts to visitors from all over the world. They have gathered as much history of the area as they've been able to find - dispensing it on request to the curious. They've even had a visitor from the Fiji Islands (who probably wanted to see the novelty of water surrounded by land).

The Oasis lives up to its name and the Rhynes share their home with "Paisano Sue" - the resident roadrunner who nests in the backyard and has raised several broods."

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Historical Toyahvale

"In 1933, Congress passed Presidents Roosevelt "New Deal", a program in which the government would employ hundreds of thousands workers in hopes of stimulating the economy. This action created the Civilian Conservation Corps which put more than 500,000 unemployed young men to work planting millions of trees, building truck trails, fire breaks, constructing soil erosion dams, and many other projects such as the construction of Balmorhea State Park, located in Toyahvale, Texas.

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“I like to refer to diving San Solomon Springs as the only dive site that provides entertainment for the whole family. One can swim, scuba dive, snorkel, sunbathe, bird watch, picnic, play in the playground, sit under a shade tree by the springs, camp, enjoy the beautiful sunrises and sunsets and motel or RV it. I could go on and on but I think this paints a pretty good picture.” The enthusiastic speaker is Neta Rhyne who, with her PADI instructor husband Darrel, own and operate Toyahvale Desert Oasis, the dive shop next door to the park." ~ Yvonne Lanelli

                       Toyahvale Desert Oasis is owned and operated by Neta Rhyne her husband, Darrel,  and eldest Grandson, Trenton. Neta  opened The Toyahvale Desert Oasis, a swim & souvenir shop, in March, 1989. With a large number of customers being scuba divers she soon realized the need for a full service dive shop. 

 In September of 1989 the shop expanded into the scuba business by adding an air compressor for filling scuba tanks and scuba diving gear for rental. The Toyahvale Desert Oasis had now become the outfitter for the San Solomon Springs. In September of 1994 Darrel (OWI # 86646) took his SCUBA Instructor Development Course with Ralph Erickson (Course Director #0) co-founder & president of PADI. Over the years Darrel has shared his love for diving with people from all over the country. His scuba certification course is conducted in the relaxing atmosphere of the crystal clear waters of San Solomon Springs. Neta, an accomplished author and artist, is a registered member of the Cherokee Nation. A twenty seven year survivor of (as the Lung Specialist in El Paso described it ) "terminal Lung Cancer" and a direct descendent of survivors of the Trail of Tears, Neta strives to bring her American Indian heritage to life through her diverse artistic creations. The springs, desert and mountains of West Texas not only help to sooth her spirit but also gives inspiration to many of her creative ideas. The Toyahvale Desert Oasis is equipped and ready to serve all your swimming, SCUBA and snorkeling needs.